This is what we are

I created Games corner because i was a looking for a place where i could share thoughts, experiences and feedbacks on roleplaying games, boardgames and anything else, and i couldn’t find a place like this.
Oh for sure, i could find an old school forum like website, but i felt i needed a new place, a new concept and probably to follow the trend of the brand new social media but without the usual crap. A place where you don’t need an approval to post something, not a blog that you could just read and not able to add a comment without an approval from someone behind a “wall”.

I have to be honest, i wanted a 100% pure gaming social media, nothing more, nothing less, where every gamers could enjoy what he or she loves the most

Wether you are a stand alone, missing gaming conversation or part of a group Irl that you meet regularly, come along , bring your group along too and let Games corner grow.


Get involved!

Let your love of the game be!!!
Come and join our community and share your favourite games.


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