How to get rid off this annoying player at your game ?

You know exactly what i’m talking about when you read the title of this article. This person who finds anything to try to be smarter than the rest of the group, this person who plays like if he/she was the leader of the group but the only thing that happens it situation getting worst !

Some GM love doing convention not just to discover new stuffs, or meeting with game designers, authors and more but also just because of the love of Gming. So when arrives some time to time this person that you have never met but few minutes after the game has started, you know this one is gonna be a pain in the dice, well, your experience and your personnality will be keys.

To my point of view, i have done few convention and for some reason i have never liked it that much. Because i never know what kind of person you’re gonna have around your table and usually i had been very picky regarding to the choice of my players… Maybe because they have to be friends.

So let’s back on imagining you set your table, prepared dilligently your scenario, you are very motivated and bam! This person starts to point out anything bad in your intro, cuts you out every two words and worst, clearly tells you that your intro is so cliché if only it was good acted !

Close your eyes for a second just because you don’t wanna jump over the table as for your surprise attack on him, so you re open your eyes and i would clearly tell this person that if he or she doesn’t just shut up or if she or he thinks the scenario is not a fit for him / her, well go away, don’t have anymore time to waste.

The respect of the GM is important. The GM is the director of the movie you will be playing in for the following hours or following game sessions of the year. So i would say, get the situation very clear right at the start, or you will gonna regret it because it might tire you up of Gming.

If it’s one of your good friends, regular player but he tends to play most of the time solo, like to build situation against the rest of the group and for some reason find always a way to kill your plot. For this one, just put his / her character in positions where help from the group is needed so bad that his or her character could die. That will lower a bit the motivation to go against the scenario and the campaign !

If all this doesn’t work, ask to roll for initiative, then a second roll as saving throw. Obviously it’s a fail and the character just die because of the sneakiest deadliest attack from an invisible foe that gets away after the end of the round….

Bad things could happen very quickly in game, oh yeah !


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